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Is the Minecraft better together update a match for Pocketmine?

The official better-together-update is released while Pocketmine is getting close in game play aspects, advanced from the Bedrock Edition, Pocketmine 1.2.3  (dev 3.0.0 ALPHA9) is released, a new round of plugin testing in this special 'better together update' era. ...
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Treasure Chest plugin for Pocketmine server

With Treasure Chest you can prepare chest contents and let them refill automatically. More info later on..
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BigBrother: Minecraft PE and PC better together!

Note: This was long before the official better together update now released for Minecraft Pocket edition and Java edition players can log on in the same Pocketmine world! Thanks to the BigBrother plugin (revived) the Pocketmine server is ready for Java players...
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