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Festival plugin for Pocketmine

Create your own PMMP Festival. Protect worlds, area’s and players. Run commands on area events!

Download Festival at Poggit or Festival github repository

Now with 16 flags for worlds and area’s, area message display position configuration, area floating name tag, whitelists, teleport and more!

Welcome at my website, my name is Genboy Lum. At this site you will find some of the things i’m working on or that just interrest me. I am a Master in Arts (MA) in the fields of Painting and Multimedia and i make my money working freelance creating artworks, graphic design, webdesign, webdevelopment, copywriting, music and philosophy.

A few years back i rediscovered Minecraft and started working on several minecraft world design projects and some php plugins for Pocketmine MP servers.

“When i think of something new to create, it is for me like it allready existed, and then I have to remember really hard how it worked to create it. Philosophy feels the same but works the other way around. I have to clear my mind of irrelevant thoughts and feelings and doing so destroying all previous assumptions to find a clear understanding of the subject’s excistance that thrives it’s meaning”

Webdesign & Development

If you like me to build you a website, plugin, javascript or php application contact me by mail or github