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Pocketmine Plugin Collection

20 plugins tested and ready to work with PMMP ALPHA 11

Collection Repository

Festival Plugin

Add commands to area events

Floraria v1.0.5-12-dev

Texter plugin for Pocketmine server

Somehow the FloatingTexter I used previously in my Plugin Repo stopt working with the latest server update. No problem, there's something else, maybe even better!The Texter plugin places floating text and more + it is well coded with it's own text-api and provides a...

Minecraft Pocketmine Server Alpha 10

More stable as ever! Cheers to the PMMP team and devfriends, great work!
Pocketmine has grown more stable since the first API 3 release, many bugs in the core have been squashed, liquids refactored and a lot of tweaks have been done creating better performance. Now is the time most plugin developers have picked-up all the API methods and some of the best but old plugins have made a return and contribute to a multitude of stable options to extend the Pocketmine core. This is the new generation Minecraft DIY, We believe Pocketmine is the best and the Microsoft Minecraft overtake sucks! (see previous post update 🙂

My plugin repository has grown a bit and is ready for ALPHA10, running PocketMine-MP_1.7dev-501_66562f24_API-3.0.0-ALPHA10.phar

Update: Minecraft Realms better together is no match for Pocketmine

Update: The better together update is a big mess!

The official better-together-update is released while Pocketmine is getting close in game play aspects, advanced from the Bedrock Edition, Pocketmine 1.2.3  (dev 3.0.0 ALPHA9) is released, a new round of plugin testing in this special ‘better together update’ era.  What will happen with the alternative Minecraft spoon Pocketmine? We still love the BigBrother plugin, what’s next in the PMMP plugin universe? Time to build a plugin repository and prepare a reference for the new things to come. 🙂

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