Pocketmine Plugin Collection

Back to basics towards the next PMMP,
tested, adjusted, ruled out and regained.
Run on PMMP server for clients 1.6+

Collection Repository

BlockSniper, Cameraman, ClientConsole, DevTools, EssentialsPE, Festival, GrabBag, KeepInventory, ManyWorlds, MOTDShuffle, MapImageEngine, PureEntitiesX, SignEdit, Worlds, TreasureChest, Texter, Trampoline

Festival Plugin

Create your own Pocketmine Festival.
Protect worlds, area’s and players.
Run commands on area events!

Festival v1.0.8 Nemean

1.0.8 ready at poggit

Pocketmine is a server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in PHP

Festival v1.0.8 Nemean

Festival version 1.0.8 includes MANY improvements. A very important code fix includes a change in 10 functions constantly running on player move event, to check the area's a player is in. This has improved both speed and accuracy for Festival. Further more: In v1.0.8...

Festival v1.0.7 Haloa

The latest Festival release A new development update v1.0.7.2-dev with new flags is on it's way. Festival 1.0.7 is for Pocketmine Api alpha10 to 3.1.4 (Pocketmine v1.5).  Issues and feedback on github have helped a lot to improve the Festival plugin, thank you all...

PMMP update: Pocketmine ALPHA11 for client v1.2.10 & a new plugin

PMMP update: Pocketmine ALPHA11 for client v1.2.10 & a new plugin

The new pocketmine version ALPHA11 arrived for all those up-to-date v1.2.10 clients. Again a moment of change for our plugin library, a time for a bit of personal addition. During previous months we all enjoyed the stable pmmp ALPHA10, compatible to clients v1.2.7 to 1.2.9. This was a nice time for devs to reflect, stabalize and extend their servers. At least i did. Looking at a favourite plugin and thinking, let’s extend this and create something usefull. (show me at github) (more…)