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A quick view in the Pocketmine worlds used for testing Festival, with  Pocketmine ALPHA 11 – MC client Windows v1.2.10

Last few months have been fun and educational. There have been many issues resolved in several plugins, there was a lot of fun in testing some new plugins to add to the plugin collection and the Festival plugin has had some nice reviews and feedback, good to get ready for a next release, this is what i’l be busy with when time permits.

If you know about the Pocketmine server software, you are aware things in this Pocketmine-MP Minecraft world will not always be as expected compared to a PC server or Realms world. Allthough this can bring about some extra server restarts, to be able to control your own minecraft server for PE editions, with plugins and configurations making almost everything possible, is still a dream to come true for modern minecraft fans. Do you like to play, to mod, to dive in to it? You can!