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Festival plugin for pocketmine ALPHA11

Festival plugin for pocketmine ALPHA11

This functionality was what I missed so I made it with help of the area code of iProtector.


What is it?

The Festival plugin provides ingame commands for pocketmine servers to create area’s and set protective flags (like iProtector) AND provides a structure to attach commands to the area. The commands are attachted to specific events in the area and executed when a player triggers an event.


Festival now includes 3 basic area events to get started; enter, leave and center. More are on the way. Each event holds an array of commands to be executed. The players position triggers the events in the area. Any command triggered by an area event is executed with OP permission.

Also, a standard welcome message (incl. a custom description line) and a leave message is displayed at the outer borders and in the center area. Set the flag ‘msg’ to turn messages of for regular players.

The flags edit, god, touch, msg and barrier can be set for each area or as default in the config.yml.

More info?

For now see below or head over to the Festival Poggit page


Packages and latest builds at Poggit and Github

Festival usage overview infographic:




The area code derives from the iProctector plugin, all credits for the basic area creation and protection go to the iProtector creator LDX-MCPE. In a first fork from poggit-orphanage the new code was extending the area with enter and leave messages and lateron also adding options to attach separate event-objects to an area and trigger specific events with commands. These test versions kept the core iProtector areas unchanged (to be able to use excisting area’s). These first adjustments worked well being a test plugin but keeping iProtector area’s while adding separate event data made me create a split command structure (wich isn’t logical or handy) and separate event objects are only needed if the original area class should stay the same. So, for a better plugin command structure and performance the iProtector Area code was used to create the setup for what now has become the Festival Plugin.

Refinements in progress @

PMMP update: Pocketmine ALPHA11 for client v1.2.10 & a new plugin

PMMP update: Pocketmine ALPHA11 for client v1.2.10 & a new plugin

The new pocketmine version ALPHA11 arrived for all those up-to-date v1.2.10 clients. Again a moment of change for our plugin library, a time for a bit of personal addition. During previous months we all enjoyed the stable pmmp ALPHA10, compatible to clients v1.2.7 to 1.2.9. This was a nice time for devs to reflect, stabalize and extend their servers. At least i did. Looking at a favourite plugin and thinking, let’s extend this and create something usefull. (show me at github) (more…)

Minecraft Pocketmine Server Alpha 10

More stable as ever! Cheers to the PMMP team and devfriends, great work!
Pocketmine has grown more stable since the first API 3 release, many bugs in the core have been squashed, liquids refactored and a lot of tweaks have been done creating better performance. Now is the time most plugin developers have picked-up all the API methods and some of the best but old plugins have made a return and contribute to a multitude of stable options to extend the Pocketmine core. This is the new generation Minecraft DIY, We believe Pocketmine is the best and the Microsoft Minecraft overtake sucks! (see previous post update 🙂

My plugin repository has grown a bit and is ready for ALPHA10, running PocketMine-MP_1.7dev-501_66562f24_API-3.0.0-ALPHA10.phar