Update: Minecraft Realms better together is no match for Pocketmine

Update: The better together update is a big mess! The official better-together-update is released while Pocketmine is getting close in game play aspects, advanced from the Bedrock Edition, Pocketmine 1.2.3  (dev 3.0.0 ALPHA9) is released, a new round of plugin testing in this special ‘better together update’ era.  What will happen with the alternative Minecraft spoon Pocketmine? We still love the BigBrother plugin, what’s next in the PMMP plugin universe? Time to build a plugin…

"Update: Minecraft Realms better together is no match for Pocketmine"

Treasure Chest plugin for Pocketmine server

Give players a break! Survival or luxury, it’s you’re choice.With Treasure Chest you can prepare chest contents and let them refill automatically. All you have to do is place some chests , run ‘/tchest <chestmodename>’ and tab the chest you want to refill with the selected chestmode. When ready just run ‘/tchest off’ and you’re out of tchest edit mode.

"Treasure Chest plugin for Pocketmine server"

PureEntitiesX plugin for Minecraft pocketmine server

How empty life is without mobs and animals.. Hurray!! Here’s PureEntitiesX to bring us AI for entity spans (a bit simple ai but it’s a life!). Info & links original wiki – https://github.com/RevivalPMMP/PureEntitiesX/wiki know bugs – https://github.com/RevivalPMMP/PureEntitiesX/wiki/Known-Bugs https://poggit.pmmp.io/p/PureEntitiesX/empty-version (latest used tree – https://github.com/RevivalPMMP/PureEntitiesX/tree/damage-reduction) More info later..

"PureEntitiesX plugin for Minecraft pocketmine server"

Update Minecraft Pocketmine – API 3.0.0-ALPHA7

A new update, time for a fresh start; get plugin updates matching API 3.0.0-Alpha 7. Testing and tweaking, no time yet for play & build. In this post notes on the progress of rebuilding the plugin collection from scratch, this post will be updated along with developments; — Plugins — AllSigns v. 1.0.2 – more info by Survanetwork –  https://github.com/survanetwork/AllSigns Bigbrother v. 1.6.0-beta – more info by BigBrotherTeam – https://github.com/BigBrotherTeam/BigBrother DevTools v1.12.1- more info by Pocketmine – https://poggit.pmmp.io/ci/pmmp/PocketMine-DevTools EssentialsPE v2.0.0…

"Update Minecraft Pocketmine – API 3.0.0-ALPHA7"

FactionsPro plugin for Minecraft pocketmine server

The FactionPro plugin for faction and territoria management , available with PMMP Api 3.0.0-ALPHA7; Info & links original wiki https://github.com/Tethered/FactionsPro/wiki/Commands http://forums.pocketmine.net/plugins/factionspro.848/ https://poggit.pmmp.io/ci/poggit-orphanage/FactionsPro/FactionsPro

"FactionsPro plugin for Minecraft pocketmine server"