A Pocketmine-PM plugin originated from iProtector, now in deep space with Genboy.

Protect Pocketmine worlds, area's and players with Festival flags. Area whitelist players, teleport and more! Now you can use 16 flags and all your favourite commands on players who trigger an area event! Get the latest Festival release at Poggit and Github.


Create and manage area’s

(like WorldGuard/iProtector)

  • Default config & world specific
  • Define cuboid area by tapping 2 positions
  • create/delete/list area’s
  • toggle 8 area flags
  • add area description
  • add comands on *enter, center and leave
  • whitelist players for the area
  • tp to an area
  • show area’s info at current position

Area enter/leave display messages can be configured as default to be off, visible for ops or on for everyone.

The tp command now brings player to top center area position, dropping without fall damage. Fall damage is controlled with the falldamage flag.

Player command execution permissions:
To provide area events full acces to third party plugin command options by default area event commands are executed with OP permission, by players, from the area; unless the new perms flag is true.


  • edit: protect area from building/breaking
  • god: secure players in area with god mode
  • touch: protect area from interaction with chests etc.
  • pvp: create no-pvp area’s
  • flight: keep players from flying
  • msg: hide area enter/leave messages
  • effect: stop player effects.
  • mobs: prevent mobs spawn in the area
  • animals: prevent animals spawn in the area
  • msg: hide area enter/leave messages
  • pass: block passage for non-whitelisted players
  • perms: use player perms for event commands (experiment)
  • drop: protect area from players dropping things
  • explode: protect area from entity explosions
  • tnt: protect area from tnt
  • fire: protect area from fire
  • shoot: no shooting
  • hunger: players do not exhaust / hunger
  • falldamage: no fall damage
  • cmdmode: area commands testing mode; area event commands execute only by ops


Flag fast toggle command:


Default & world specific flags in config.yml


Add commands to area events

  • assign commands to area eventsenter, center or leave.
  • add/edit/delete area event commands
  • list area commands (ordered by event)
  • change event of area commands


In v1.0.8 Festival has 8 new flags, 2 flag changes and some great protective enhancements; Mobs and Animals flags to prevent spawning, including spawner and egg usage.  TNT flag, protecting area’s only from tnt block explosions, and Explode, protecting area’s from entities exploding. And the Fire flag now protects area’s from fire (incl. flint & steal) and lava. In v1.0.7 - the tnt, hunger, no fall damage and shoot flags where tested, fire (player burning) is extinguished when player does not get damage (aka. in area with god flag on) and area chat-messages are hidden when msg flag is true. The Edit flag is extended to protect itemframes and dirt/grass from players creating farmland. Last is the cmdmode flag, area commands testing mode for ops only.

In v1.0.7 Festival matured with the option to use {player} or @p as playername variable in area event commands!

In v1.0.4-11+ experimental Perms flag is added, using player permission rules to define command handling.


Festival is publiced under lgpl-3.0 license

issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit

Get in touch: msg@genboy.net or Discord