Currently testing a server at ( € 5 / month )

Running a PMMP (PocketMine Multi Player) server is nice to get handheld-gamers all around the world playing with more then 5 together in a single Minecraft world and even letting them come back while you are not online (as would be needed with the in-game LAN server connection). It is nice to see a new dev community around the Pocket Edition Server, allmost as fun as the the original Java dev community, but PMMP is not really an official Realm software, as Microsoft would use for there own servers I guess, and there are major problems to fix after the many updates on the local installed Minecraft Pocket Editions, not to keep up for developers outside of the Mojang/Microsoft dev scene.

A bit more info on the server page, in this post a short comparetable of pocket edition server prices.

Here’s a short compare table of server prices I looked into before starting with testing at server pro.

[jtrt_tables id=”129″]