Update: The better together update is a big mess!

The official better-together-update is released while Pocketmine is getting close in game play aspects, advanced from the Bedrock Edition, Pocketmine 1.2.3  (dev 3.0.0 ALPHA9) is released, a new round of plugin testing in this special ‘better together update’ era.  What will happen with the alternative Minecraft spoon Pocketmine? We still love the BigBrother plugin, what’s next in the PMMP plugin universe? Time to build a plugin repository and prepare a reference for the new things to come. 🙂

The plugin repository at https://github.com/genboy/pocketmineplugins is for tracking and testing plugin settings and combinations in the latest stable Pocketmine version (accoording to my server.pro hosting)
Some of you may know, the BigBrother plugin allready made MC Java clients connect and play on the Pocketmine servers. With a lot of work to do for the Pocketmine Developers to catch up with the official Minecraft code, it will take some time before we can look out for a console client gateway to pocketmine. Let’s hope it will be possible!

Currently testing ALPHA9: PocketMine-MP_1.7dev-326_bd2cb858_API-3.0.0-ALPHA9.phar

  • Bigbrother is doin fine for now, except you can not craft anything.
  • pureEntitiesX adds some modern mobs! (no eating though 🙂
  • DevTools, Iprotector, Worlds and ClientConsole make the Op experience a breeze

A bit of history at https://server.pro/server/6193544/.

Find original pocketmine updates at https://jenkins.pmmp.io/view/all/builds