Our Pocketmine experiment continues and some plugin have been fixed and updated. There was some time to build and play and we are happy our mobs are back and moving again. We can now prepare a nice welcome for visitors with a chest filled wth handy goods wich will keep refilling itself with a sort of random amount of items.

Here’s an updated overview of installed plugins (that are actually working and configured to work):

Pocketmine API 3.0.0-ALPHA7

And here is a list of issues, most important is the lag of attacking mobs and usefull animals;

  • Bigbrother: (We LOVE the Bigbrother plugin)
    – Moving fast makes the server shout: ‘.. moved to fast’  – and ingame the players location is reverted a short distance back including the actions like building or fighting. Some times the server goes back several seconds ago.
    – Some blocks in the Java version can not be used and are swapped back in the inventory, there probably is no reference to the Pocketmine blocks.
  • PureEntities
    – animals and mobs jump to high
    – animals and mobs seem not to have a goal/strategy/meaning besides jumping around
    mobs are not attacking
    can not interact with animals like horse-riding etc.
  • Unrelated or could not define relations to specific plugins:
    beds disappear (become invisible but are still in place)
    – sometime blocks like slaps disappear or change into full blocks on placement

The experiment goes on, you are welcome to come and play – add the server to your list: – https://server.pro/server/6193544/