Give players a break! Survival or luxury, it’s you’re choice.With Treasure Chest you can prepare chest contents and let them refill automatically. All you have to do is place some chests , run ‘/tchest <chestmodename>’ and tab the chest you want to refill with the selected chestmode. When ready just run ‘/tchest off’ and you’re out of tchest edit mode.
The “chestmodes” are defined in a treasture.yml file by ordening item id’s, amounts and propabillities. You might need an item id overiew. to start building your own kit.
Here’s one of the kits I use for basic survival bonus, note all items are always refilled (100%),  see Tchest readme for specific functions,

– “50:64:100”
– “276:64:100”
– “278:64:100”
– “279:64:100”
– “294:64:100”

– “297:64:100”
– “350:64:100”
– “364:64:100”

– “310:64:100”
– “311:64:100”
– “312:64:100”
– “313:64:100”