A new update, time for a fresh start; get plugin updates matching API 3.0.0-Alpha 7. Testing and tweaking, no time yet for play & build. In this post notes on the progress of rebuilding the plugin collection from scratch, this post will be updated along with developments;

— Plugins —

Still Browsing mostly at github.com, https://poggit.pmmp.io/pi and http://forums.pocketmine.net/plugins

——————– Overview of past test fase Pocketmine 3.0.0-ALPHA5——————–
Connect and play with handheld devices AND PC anywhere in the same world!!!
Thank you BigBrotherTeam and all other devs for coding this amazing cool plugin!!
Note for PC-version-fans; PMMP can not be compared to the Original Java version.. Just play along 🙂
Plugins previously working fine with API 3.0.0-ALPHA5:
Optional installs for testing:
Most of these plugins where outdated since MCPE 1.0.1 (API 3.0.0)