A few years back i rediscovered Minecraft and i discovered the pocketmine mp server software! As a webdeveloper i liked to build minecraft wth php code so i started working on several minecraft world design projects and some plugins for Pocketmine MP servers.


This is an old picture of my house

And here i’m building my first own Pocketmine server world

“When i think of something new to create, it is for me like it allready existed, and then I have to remember really hard how it worked to create it. Philosophy feels the same but works the other way around. I have to clear my mind of irrelevant thoughts and feelings and doing so destroying all previous assumptions to find a clear understanding of the subject’s excistance that thrives it’s meaning”

   “ I ‘ve created the Festival plugin for Pocketmine servers because i was missing something that should really be there ingame. At the same time i was amazed how much fun it is to create a minecraft plugin. You learn a lot and it is fun to test and improve things inside your minecraft world.”

PMMP aka Pocketmine is a server software for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition written in the PHP webserver coding language.

here’s a picture when i released my plugin

Contact me by mail msg@genboy.net or at github.com/genboy