Festival v2.1.3

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Festival 2.0.0 plugin for Pocketmine MP

Create your own Festival!


With the Festival plugin for PMMP you can setup area’s to trigger commands. Protect Pocketmine worlds, area’s and players with Festival flags.
Add Area event commands, whitelist players, teleport and more!


Now you can use 19 flags!
v2.1.3 is ready!


Get the latest Festival release at Poggit or Github release page




You are welcome to post your issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit





Festival is publiced under lgpl-3.0 license – https://poggit.pmmp.io/ci/genboy/Festival/Festival


Create and manage area’s

(like WorldGuard/iProtector)


  • Default config & world specific
  • Select language en/nl/es/pl
  • UI menu for config, area and level management
  • Define cuboid area by tapping 2 positions
  • Define sphere area by tapping 2 positions
  • Create/delete/list area’s
  • Add commands on *enter, center and leave
  • Whitelist players for the area
  • Area priority (experimental)
  • Area scaling (experimental)
  • Toggle 19 area flags
  • Add area description
  • Full Capitalized multi word name and description
  • Teleport to an area
  • Level flags protection (optional)
  • show area info at current position (here)

Configuration defaults (use previous config.yml for setup)

  • Area enter/leave messages and Area floating title display can be configured as default to be off, visible for ops or on for everyone
  • ItemID is the magic block/item to grab the UI menu
  • Define default message placing (msg/title/tip/pop)
  • Flight flag usage on/off with FlightControl option
  • Level flag protection on/off with LevelControl option
  • Turn on/off whitelisting the area creator with AutoWhitelist option

The tp command brings player to top center area position, dropping without fall damage. Fall damage is controlled with the falldamage flag.


Set area flags ingame

Set area flags on(true) or off(false)

Any flag true will protect the area and the players in it. ie. edit: true (on) means no breaking/building by players. shoot: true (on) means no shooting by players.

  • edit: the area is save from building/breaking
  • hurt: players in the area are save (previous god mode)
  • pvp: players in the area are save from PVP
  • flight: players in the area are not allowed to fly
  • touch: area is save from player interaction with doors/chests/signs etc.
  • animals: no animal spawning (including spawners & eggs)
  • mobs: no mobs spawning (including spawners & eggs)
  • effect: player can not keep using effects in the area
  • msg: do not display area enter/leave messages
  • pass: no passage for non-whitelisted players!
  • drop: players can not drop things
  • tnt: explosions protected area
  • fire: fire protected area (including spreading & lava)
  • explode: explosions protected area
  • shoot: player can not shoot (bow)
  • perms: player permissions are used to determine area command execution
  • hunger: player does not exhaust / hunger
  • fall: player will not have fall damage (no fall damage)
  • cmd: area event commands are only executed for ops (test area commands)

Flag fast toggle command:


/fe perms AREANAME:
To provide area events full acces to third party plugin command options: by default area event commands* are executed with OP permission, by players, from the area; unless the perms flag is true, then player permissions are used.


Add commands to area events

  • Assign commands to 3 area events enter, center or leave
  • add/edit/delete area event commands
  • variable player in commands with {player} or @p
  • list area commands (ordered by event)
  • change event of area commands

v1.1.1 – v1.1.3-dev: Most bugs fixed including Flightcontrol option for Festival management without flight flag functions and new experimental json file encoding class (php) added for correct translation of special characters (testing with Polskie and Espanol).

v1.0.8 – v1.1.1-dev: the tnt flag function is split up to fire flag to prevent fire only, tnt flag to prevent tnt placement only and explode flag to prevent explosion apart from tnt and fire.
And translation setup beginning with English and Dutch tranlations.

v1.0.7.3 – v1.0.7.9-dev Festival has 3 new flags, Mobs and Animals to prevent spawning, including spawner and egg usage. The edit flag is extended to protect itemframes and dirt/grass from players creating farmland. Previous nofalldamage flag is now Falldamage.

v1.0.7 - the tnt, hunger, no fall damage and shoot flags where added. Player burning(on fire) is extinguished when player does not get damage (aka. in area with god flag on) and area chat-messages are hidden when msg flag is true.

v1.0.6-13+ Festival has matured with the option to use {player} or @p as playername variable in area event commands!

v1.0.4-11+ experimental Perms flag is added, using player permission rules to define command handling.

v2.0.0+ Sphere area type by radius or diameter, full management UI Menu for config, area and level control, area priority setting, y-scaling and capitaliZed multi word strings for name and descriptions.

v2.1.3 – For Pocketmine-MP v3.18.* + :: fix UI level management and prevent other level issues by loosing the compass function




Festival 2.1.3 plugin for Pocketmine MP

A Pocketmine-PM plugin originated from iProtector, now in deep space with Genboy.
The only limit is your imagination! Use all your favourite plugin’s commands on players with Festival’s area event commands.