Minecraft is a 3d sandbox video game, played in a virtual cube-shaped world where players can build with blocks, crafting tools and play for survival with or without player vs player mode. In creative-mode unlimited building blocks and tools can be used, during survival-mode almost everything to be crafted from combinations of mined, slain or captured materials.
Minecraft was originally created by game designer Markus Persson, developed and distributed by Mojang. In 2014 Microsoft took over Mojang for 2.5 billion dollars and transformed the game to a touchscreen- and a game console-version.  Now the Minecraft game software comes in three flavors: 

  1. the Original Java version for desktop computers (Java),
  2. the Game Console versions (XBox/other), 
  3. the Pocket Edition (Minecraft PE) for Tablets and smaller touch devices. 

All three software types have their own type of multiplayer servers. What? Yes, until now tablets, consoles and desktops cannot connect in the same Minecraft Multiplayer world. MP’s can share a world on tablets with 4 other tablet players through LAN connection, setup and play on your own LAN/domain server, buy a hosted server or buy an official server called a Realm.

In the open source community some versions for the Minecraft PE Server software have developed with software available to build Minecraft PE MP servers like Pocketmine (PMMP) .

For the official info visit Crafthub.netminecraft.net or at wikipedia.org/wiki/Minecraft.




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