This functionality was what I missed so I made this


plugin originating from the iProtector area code.

Below a short introduction, more info at the Festival page

Festival provides ingame commands for Pocketmine-PM servers to create area’s, set protective flags AND attach commands to area events! The commands are attachted to the eventtypes of the area and executed (as op!) when a player triggers an event. All controlled ingame with a pretty simple command structure.


Festival current release includes 3 basic(static) area events to get started: enter, leave and center. Each event holds an array of commands to be executed. The players position (and suited permission) triggers the events in the area. Commands triggered by area events are executed with OP permission. Standard area welcome message including a custom description line and standard leave message, displayed at the outer borders and in the center area. Toggle the flag ‘msg’ for the area to turn messages off for players. Control the area whitelist Define Festival default flags in the config.yml and control flags ingame for each area. The flags: edit, god, touch, msg and barrier. These provide exclusive area protection.

More info? Scroll a bit more, go to the Festival page or head over to the Festival Poggit page


Packages and latest builds at Poggit and Github

Refinements in progress @

Festival is publiced under lgpl-3.0 license

Support: If you use and like the plugin please consider a small donation to keep Festival up to date.


The area code derives from the iProctector plugin. All credits for the basics of area creation and protective flags go to the iProtector creator LDX-MCPE and the other iProtector devs.

In a first fork from poggit-orphanage the code extended the area with player events triggering enter and leave messages and adding options to attach separate event-objects to an area and trigger specific events with commands. These test versions kept the core iProtector areas unchanged to be able to use excisting area’s and thinking maybe some day to make an attribution to the iProtecor project. These first adjustments worked well being a test plugin but keeping iProtector area’s while adding separate event data made me create a split command structure (wich isn’t logical or handy) and separate event objects are only needed if the original area class should stay the same. So, for a better plugin command structure and performance the basics of the iProtector Area code was used to create the setup for what now has become the Festival Plugin.