Minecraft Education

A month ago Genboy started teaching Minecraft the game (PE mostly) in primary schools.  This post will be updated with my latest important and/or pleasant findings. You may skip the story and check out some game info.


Teaching MC
Preferred to setup the MC worlds on a school-owned tablets, I started teaching 10 to 14 children in-game with up to 5 MPs in each world on WIFI LAN, either Creative or Survival, jumping from one world to the other to see what they where up to. Off course, I had a drill in Survival mode and took lots of work home the first few lessons 🙂 Now fully equipped with background stories and facts I’m able to teach lot’s of practical important social and technical matters in-game like:

  • – communication and social behavior
  • – sharing and trading
  • – creativity flow and craftsmanship
  • – math and physics
  • – geography and history


Real world in digital map

At geocraft.nl you can find out how people are rebuilding their real world in Minecraft style. (PC version only)