Festival version 1.0.8 includes MANY improvements. A very important code fix includes a change in 10 functions constantly running on player move event, to check the area’s a player is in. This has improved both speed and accuracy for Festival.

Further more: In v1.0.8 Festival has 8 new flags, 2 flag changes and some great protective enhancements; Mobs and Animals flags to prevent spawning, including spawner and egg usage.  TNT flag, protecting area’s only from tnt block explosions, and Explode, protecting area’s from entities exploding. And the Fire flag now protects area’s from fire (incl. flint & steal) and lava. In v1.0.7 - the tnt, hunger, no fall damage and shoot flags where tested, fire (player burning) is extinguished when player does not get damage (aka. in area with god flag on) and area chat-messages are hidden when msg flag is true. The Edit flag is extended to protect itemframes and dirt/grass from players creating farmland. Last is the cmdmode flag, area commands testing mode for ops only.

Oh wait, just forgot 2 amazing new options:)

-> Translations! -/fe lang en/nl (so far), set option in config.yml – Festival responses in your language? help translating thank you!

-> Area Floating titles – /fe titles toggles the floating area’s titles center top area (if allowed by configs, and area msg flag must be off)

Visit the Festival, Poggit or Github pages for more info and downloads

issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit