A big update for the Festival plugin for Pocketmine ALPHA 10+

Festival Thargelia

! New Flight flag ! new PVP flag ! AND playername replacements {player} or @p to use in area event commands! Yes, now you can use all those commands to work on any player triggering the area event!! This is what Festival was made for 🙂
More info and downloads at Poggit and Github.

issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit

The original Stable version dev-32 .phar even works with Pocketmine 1.7dev-1174 3.0.0-ALPHA13


! All packages for Festival PMMP plugin are generated by automated software provided by Server.pro, Github.com and Poggit.pmmp.io. Always download the original .phar files from [poggit.pmmp.io](https://poggit.pmmp.io/p/Festival) or your .zip files from [github.com](https://github.com/genboy/Festival) to ensure your environments safety.