The new pocketmine version ALPHA11 arrived for all those up-to-date v1.2.10 clients. Again a moment of change for our plugin library, a time for a bit of personal addition. During previous months we all enjoyed the stable pmmp ALPHA10, compatible to clients v1.2.7 to 1.2.9. This was a nice time for devs to reflect, stabalize and extend their servers. At least i did. Looking at a favourite plugin and thinking, let’s extend this and create something usefull. (show me at github)

The iProtector plugin has been one of my favs alltime. Now pocketmine is becoming really awesome, I started thinking about some additional features and started a fork to add a message on enter and leaving an area. I learned many things about the plugin code and pocketmine, thanks to the short and clean code used in iProtector and managed to create an iProtector fork including commands and functions for custom messages. While fixing errors and learning more about both Pocketmine and PHP coding I made a backup for reference and felt confident to take on the next idea; trigger one or more commands on enter or leaving the iProtector area’s.

As these functionalities go beyond area protection a new plugin was born from the iProtector code, creating a new range of options to use area events: the Festival plugin.
Following weeks will be about updating plugins to the new Minecraft v1.2.10 and testing the Festival Plugin for optimalisation.